Shop Local with Nantucket Allies

photo 2 (6)Shop Local with Nantucket Allies:Typically, for every dollar spent at a local business $73 will stay in the local economy and circulate seven more times. With Nantucket Trade Dollars, 100% of those dollars stay on island. The Shop Local blog series with Nantucket Allies will  give examples and ideas on how to use your trade dollars. Each service was purchased with Nantucket Trade Dollars!    

We recently sent out a survey to you asking what you would add to the  current membership. Almost every person who answered the survey suggested some sort of healing modality like Massage. (We thought our members might say that!)    Any time of year is a good time to get a massage. With my Trade Dollars, I purchased three different services that make my body feel, oh so gooood!



The first service was Reflexology, Healing through Hands member with Wendi Murrell. Reflexology involves the physical act of applying pressure to the feet and is a form of alternative medicine. Wendi was able to help me break up the last bit of my lingering cold, relieve the headache pressure I was experiencing, all the while massaging my body through my feet. It felt like a full body massage through my feet! After this treatment I had a burst of energy. What an amazing experience!   Please remember, that everyone’s experience is different and you may need more than one treatment.


The next service I have been in need of for quite some time, a manicure. This may not seem  important to you, but I am very self-conscience when it comes to my nails. Having a manicure  gives me peace of mind. I wanted to go to the Organic Hair & Nail Salon and try out the   Nantucket Skin Nail Polish line. The best part of this treatment was the hot lotion! Very comforting and it softens the hands. (Perfect for these cold, rainy days!) When it came time to  choose a color member Sallyanne Austin said, “If you’re going to get a professional manicure, think outside the box.” Next time I have an outside the box plan in mind. This time I decided to go with my signature Red since that’s the color that makes me smile. Men can enjoy this service as well. Clean nails and a heavenly hand massage, what more could you ask for!



And last but not least, a hot stone massage with member Kim Bettincourt’s  Therapeutic Massage. I had never experienced a hot stone massage and since Kim is currently having a special, I wanted to give it a try. The therapy was a mixture customized for me: aroma therapy, massage and massage with the hot stones. The aroma therapy helped me to relax before I was even on the table. This was a big deal  for me since it can take some time for me to become comfortable. The heat from the stones melted away my tension. The stones are very smooth and they felt like very hot hands. Kim uses her years of experience to determine which areas to give extra focus. For me, she spent a little more time on my shoulders and my hamstrings. No doubt from the hours at the computer, and my workouts have put some strain on my body. By the end, of my session I was a puddle of relaxation.

All of these services were purchased using my Nantucket Trade Dollars. My body and mind are relaxed and I feel ready to take on the next challenge. Stay tuned for the next blog post on Shopping Local with Nantucket Allies!


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